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Put a Little Downtown Greenway in Your Garden

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With April coming to a close, this weekend is a good time to sneak in some last minute plants and flowers.  Greensboro’s permaculture expert and Downtown Greenway consultant Charlie Headington offers a few ideas to feed the "thieves" and other beneficial insects needed to maintain a healthy organic garden. "Some for the thieves, some for the birds, and some for us," Charlie says.  "Beneficial insects manage the not-so-beneficial insects, or insects that we don't want.  In an organic garden, you let insects manage other insects." Butterfly Garden Butterfly Bush - attracts the yellow swallowtail butterfly Butterfly Weed - a bright orange flower, which attracts monarch butterflies Pawpaw Tree - produces edible fruit, which attracts the zebra swallowtail butterfly Ground cover plants that attract beneficial insects Ajuga Stonecrop Strawberry Pennyroyal White clover (attracts honeybees for clover honey) Hide a fence or garden wall Trumpet honeysuckle (for the hummingbirds) [caption id="attachment_1816" align="alignright" width="300"] Charlie Headington's plans for the West Smith and Prescott Streets' cornerstone orchard.[/caption] These plants and flowers will be included in the proposed orchard and garden design that Charlie created for the West Smith and Prescott Street area near the Greenway.  Read the Greensboro News & Record article on the garden’s planned design and for more information about the planned sculptures and seating area designed by Boston, MA, architects Mags Harries and Lajos Héder. Learn more about Permaculture Gardening with Charlie Headington.  Charlie is hosting a Permaculture Gardening Workshop on Saturday, April 27.  To register, email charlie.headington@gmail.com.