Downtown Greenway Public Art

Public art is a significant feature along the Downtown Greenway, including pieces for pure inspiration, work to celebrate history, and functional pieces such as benches, bike racks, and signage.  Explore the cornerstones, neighborhood benches, special features, and other site furnishings and landscaping that can be found on the Greenway now and learn more about what is upcoming as future sections are designed completed.

Many other communities have used public art to add unique visual interest and beauty to their parks, trails, and greenways.  Click here for photos of public art for further inspiration.  Rosemary Plybon with Greensboro’s Television Network did a story about art in Greensboro.  She talks about all the museums and art galleries that we are fortunate to have in Greensboro and mentions all the outdoor public art like on the Downtown Greenway.  Click here to watch Rosemary’s story.

The Downtown Greenway accepts Temporary Public Art Installations. Click here for the guidelines for submitting a temporary public art installation.  To submit a proposal, click here. Questions?  Contact Dabney Sanders, Downtown Greenway Project Manager at