Planning The Downtown Greenway

The Downtown Greenway is a planned 4-mile walking and biking greenway that will loop around downtown Greensboro and will serve as a key economic development tool for our community.  It will enhance the urban landscape with a green space to promote fitness, encourage alternative transportation, and provide connectedness and well-being for both our residents and visitors in an aesthetically pleasing environment. The loop provides a unique opportunity for Greensboro to have the only one of its kind in the state—and one of the few in the country. In addition, with the connections to the extensive existing and planned greenway systems in the city and the county, this loop will connect residents from all parts of the community and beyond.

The planning for the Greenway is a public-private partnership between the City of Greensboro and Action Greensboro, and is led by the Downtown Greenway Oversight Committee chaired by retired real estate executive, Trip Brown and City of Greensboro Assistant City Manager, Chris Wilson.  They are assisted by a number of subcommittees that include the Technical Team, Educations/Communications, Finance, Fundraising, and the Public Art Selection Panel.  The Greenway is a priority project for the City for many reasons, including important economic development impacts that it will have on the community.

To date, 3 miles of the Downtown Greenway is open including sections along the north, east and south.  The final mile on the west side is planned to go under construction in 2022. Click here for the most current timeline on construction.

Significant milestones for the project can be seen below (click image to expand).

Economic Development

Greenways are economic drivers in the communities in which they are built.  Learn more about how greenways generate economic development not only in our community, but in others.