The Downtown Greenway, a collaborative project of the City of Greensboro and Action Greensboro, is a planned 4-mile walking and biking trail.  This urban loop around the center city of downtown Greensboro will enhance the urban landscape with a green space that will promote fitness, connectedness, and well-being for both our residents and visitors in an aesthetically pleasing environment.  The loop provides a unique opportunity for Greensboro to have the only one of its kind in the state and one of the few in the country.  With its emphasis on public art, the Greenway will tell stories and engage users of the trail in a unique and authentic way.  In addition, with the connections to the extensive existing and planned trails systems in the city and the county, this loop will connect residents from all parts of the community and beyond.

The planning process involves a variety of Action Greensboro and City of Greensboro staff along with volunteers and organizational support.  Volunteers and staff for the Greenway participate in various community meetings, sharing information with citizens about Greenway plans.  Many organizations have become involved in efforts to make the Greenway a reality.