Site Furnishings



The signage along the Downtown Greenway will also be created with an artistic hand. The signage program will include directional and mileage signs, points of interest and attraction signs, and historical and environmental information.

Other Site Furnishings

Site furnishings will include bike racks, benches, trash receptacles, and drinking fountains.

When visiting the newly opened Downtown Greenway Morehead Park, notice that our site furnishings are more than merely practical!  Each furnishing from our dog-friendly water fountain to the trash receptacles are smarter than average.

The first of many planned BigBelly Trash Compactors was recently installed on the Downtown Greenway at Morehead Park.  It is one of 15,000 in the world, and is helping to transform the environmentally and economically burdening trash collection industry.  According to Time Magazine in June of 2012, “The future of garbage is greener, cleaner, smarter and cheaper to pick up.”  BigBellys hold five times more than an average can by the use of a solar-powered compactor, which sends a wireless signal to the City of Greensboro with an update on how full it is. That way, the City uses fewer resources for trash pick-up.


Learn more about how the Greenway is staying on the forefront of this trend with our BigBelly solar panel trash cans by reading about BigBelly Solar Trash Compactors here.  And see a BigBelly in action at the Downtown Greenway Morehead Park Trailhead parking area!