We have a lot to be thankful for in 2017!

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We are THANKFUL for the accomplishments in 2017 and are LOOKING FORWARD to 2018!

2017 Highlights:

  • Opening of LoFi Park located at Smith/Battleground/Eugene in front of Joymongers Brewing Co. on September 23 including artist Jeannette Brossart’s Home Sight bench.
  • The continuing increase in economic development: approximately $217 million in private economic development activity along the Downtown Greenway is completed or underway since 2008.
  • Construction on the southern section along Bragg Street between Eugene Street and MLK Boulevard was completed.
  • Construction was completed on the northern section along Eugene Street between Smith Street and Fisher Avenue and along Fisher Avenue between Eugene and Greene.
  • Phase 4 design complete along the railroad corridor.
  • There were 5,100 followers on Facebook, 4,500 followers on Twitter, and 3,200 followers on Instagram.
  • An average of 3,500 people per month used the open sections of the Downtown Greenway; last year’s usage was 2,500 users per month on average.
  • 2nd Wheels on the Greenway kids biking and safety event held at Morehead Park in May. Over 125 gently used bikes donated to children who attend Warnersville Recreation Center.
  • We partnered with the Bryan YMCA for the 5th year to offer free weekly fitness classes from May-October at Morehead Park; over 175 participated in the classes.
  • Over $13,000 was raised at the 8th Annual Run 4 the Greenway in October! New this year: the Run was moved to Morehead Park and we partnered with First Bank, Morehead Foundry, & UNCG to honor their 125th Anniversary.
  • 2 Little Free Libraries were installed at Woven Works Park and Morehead Park in collaboration with Summit Rotary and Parks & Recreation. Girl Scout Troop 41769 is keeping the libraries stocked with books–feel free to drop books off!
  • The City of Greensboro secured $3.3 million from NCDOT for Downtown Greenway construction.

Looking ahead to 2018:

  • Volunteer Thank You Event planned for January 30th at Preyer Brewing Company and Crafted The Art of Street Food-if you are a Downtown Greenway volunteer, stay tuned for details.
  • 2018 will be a big year as we start construction on the longest section of the Downtown Greenway– Murrow Blvd beginning at Gate City Blvd, going underneath Summit Avenue and continuing to Fisher/Greene beginning in late winter 2018.
    • Phase 4 along the railroad corridor out to bid by end of 2018.
  • Both private and public support for this project has been tremendous.  Almost $10.5 million has been contributed from private sources including foundations, corporations & businesses, and individuals. Over $24 million has been secured with public funds through two local bonds and federal transportation dollars.  A $1 million Endowment for maintenance has been fully funded, privately.

Thanks to all of our many VOLUNTEERS and SUPPORTERS who have made 2017 a successful year for the Downtown Greenway!

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