Spotlight on East Greensboro NOW

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The Downtown Greenway will be a catalyst to significant economic development in East Greensboro.  We can expect to see additional commercial and residential development surrounding the Greenway.  Several developers have already expressed an interest in the area.  East Greensboro Now has been a supporter of the initiative since its inception. A game changer for East Greensboro is now in place

Mac Sims is the president of East Greensboro NOW, a Community Development Corporation. EGN leads the economic development initiative in east Greensboro, provides a variety of support to east Greensboro neighborhoods, and conducts programs for new and existing entrepreneurs. Since East Greensboro NOW’s inception, the community has seen significant economic development totaling over $250 million in a variety of ventures, such as: shopping centers, apartments, new businesses, streetscapes, and community centers.

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