SPOTLIGHT on Volunteers: Dawn Chaney

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Dawn Chaney owns Chaney Properties in Downtown Greensboro and has been a long time Greensboro resident.  She is a dedicated volunteer and advocate for the Downtown Greenway, serving on the Downtown Greenway Technical Team.  She has also participated and walked in the Run 4 the Greenway every year since the run began in 2010.

Dawn’s love for the Downtown Greenway is evident in her remarks below:

When complete in 2019, the Downtown Greenway will allow everyone a pathway to Downtown Greensboro.  The Downtown Greenway is a scenic artery for runners, walkers and bikers of all ages and abilities to connect to each other at the City Center.  It is a unique fitness facility for everyone.

The Downtown Greenway is adjacent to the Ole Asheboro, Warnersville, Fisher Park, Westerwood, College Hill, Dunleath and East Market Street neighborhoods with close connectivity to Glenwood and university campuses.  Even in its incomplete phase, more than 2,000 users are on it every month.  When complete, we anticipate usage at 10,000-15,000 pedestrians per month.  Greensboro will be recognized by other cities and towns for the connectivity and engagement provided by our Greenway.

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