Spotlight on City Partners: Engineering & Inspections

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The Engineering and Inspections Department is an integral part of the public/private partnership with the Downtown Greenway and the City of Greensboro. We are grateful for our partnership with the Engineering and Inspections Department over the past ten years.  Eric Tart currently serves as the project manager for the Downtown Greenway at the City, and he has served on the Greenway Technical Team for 6 years. Eric has successfully managed the project and has been proactive in continuing to move the construction along even during COVID, under the leadership of Department head, Kenney McDowell.  John Fersner, Jason Geary and Melinda King have also played key roles in the Downtown Greenway’s construction.

Eric shared: “It has been a wonderful opportunity to work on such a unique project and to see it come together over time.  It is definitely something I will look back on in the future with a great sense of accomplishment as likely the most signature project that I was intimately involved with during my time at the City.”

The Engineering and Inspections Department is dedicated to working with other City departments in protecting the health, safety, and welfare of Greensboro residents by providing safe and reliable public infrastructure, homes, and workplaces, as well as creating healthy and attractive neighborhoods. They are committed to a customer-friendly, business-like environment while adhering to the core values established by the City of Greensboro.

As we finally see the end of the project in the near future, we appreciate the Engineering and Inspections team and their dedication to the project.

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