SPOTLIGHT on Businesses Investing Near the Downtown Greenway: The Preyer Family

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Greensboro natives, Calder and Nicole Preyer, Britt Preyer, Jr., and Will Preyer opened Preyer Brewing Company in downtown Greensboro in May 2015.  The Preyer Family comes from a line of many successful business owners in Greensboro over the past century and Preyer Brewing Company adds to that success. Calder has years of experience in the craft beer industry and a degree from Siebel Institute of Technology in Chicago. Nicole is behind the scenes handling the communications and business administration for the brewery. Will has the art expertise in the family and manages the businesses graphics and web design.  Britt, Jr. is sales manager for Eastern NC accounts.  Together they have helped make this section of downtown a regular destination for many Greensboro residents.

“Truthfully, we aren’t entirely sure how to explain why we chose to open Preyer Brewing on the Greenway.  I think our cynical side would say that from a business perspective, it made good sense, since pedestrian paths bring customers, increased profit, and more to their areas.  But it means so much more to us – it feels like being a part of keeping Greensboro, well, green. Our parks, paths, and trails are a huge part of Greensboro’s character.  Our city gets a bad rap for being boring, but we disagree – sure, Greensboro isn’t for everyone, but it is for the people who want to get outdoors, even in an urban environment.  It is for people who value the solitude you can find on an early morning hike on the watershed trails. It is for people who are seeking an urban city, and all the amenities that brings, but with a strong nod to the rural and the wild.  The Greenway is about building community, in line with Greensboro’s outdoorsy character, and we just had to be a part of that. As business owners born and raised in Greensboro, it’s in us, and we couldn’t not bring that to the bar at Preyer Brewing.”  Nicole Preyer, Preyer Brewing Company


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