SPOTLIGHT on Businesses Investing Near the Downtown Greenway: Andy Zimmerman

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Through his 15-year-old company, AZ Development, Andy Zimmerman works as a real estate developer, new product developer, and consultant for the outdoor industry. Previously, he was founder/owner of Legacy Paddlesports for seven years and Wilderness Systems for 15 years. Andy built and sold kayaks, canoes, and paddleboards. He currently holds four patents for outdoor products. Andy has a passion for downtown rehabilitation, and he has renovated buildings for both the Forge (Greensboro’s Makerspace) and Gibbs Hundred Brewing. Preyer Brewing and Crafted-Art of Street Food occupy his building on Battleground Avenue, which will be adjacent to the Downtown Greenway. In addition, AZ Development has renovated the HQ Greensboro space at 111 West Lewis Street.  Andy has just opened BoxCar Bar & Arcade at 120 West Lewis Street – it is an arcade and bar, located in downtown Greensboro, for the ultimate drinking and gaming experience!

Andy shares with us his love of greenways and Greensboro:

From a developer’s standpoint, the Downtown Greenway is Greensboro’s ‘icing on the cake.’ The Downtown Greenway has helped influence numerous development decisions in the downtown area; it’s truly a small ingredient within the larger finished product. Andy believes that successful downtowns and cities have greenways-gathering places that tie people together-and he wants Greensboro to be a leader in greenway development.

Andy is also a strong proponent of biking. He bikes every day in downtown Greensboro; he bikes for exercise or for riding 4-6 blocks to a meeting instead of getting in his car and hassling with traffic and finding a place to park. He has three bikes at HQ for members to utilize at either HQ or the Forge. At any given time, there are 5-10 bikes available for use at the Forge. Andy feels that Greensboro’s downtown and the city, itself, are not complete without a finished greenway.


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