Public Art Consultant Jack Becker Unites Greensboro in Considering Futures for Public Art

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Greensboro is pleased to welcome Jack Becker, Director of Forecast Public Art (Minneapolis, MN), for two speaking engagements on Public Art as Civic Catalyst.  The project represents a partnership between The Public Art Endowment, The Downtown Greenway, Elsewhere, and the Weatherspoon Art Museuman exciting collaboration of organizations working together to build public art and creative community in Greensboro.

Jack Becker will discuss the complex, beneficial, and sometimes contentious role that art plays in the public realm.  Becker will also discuss the ways public art and community participation contribute significantly to the identity of a city.  He will broadly address the role of the more than 350 public art programs in the United States working at the federal, state, city, and county levels, as well as transit and aviation programs nationally.  He will also offer reflections on the scale of budget allocations that make public art possible and beneficial.

Becker is the founder and Director of Forecast Public Art, a public art generator based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Forecast is the publisher of Public Art Review (a public art magazine), the distributor of grants and commissions to the local Minneapolis/ St. Paul artist community, and a leading consultancy for building community interest and investment through a public process for public art.

He will be at the Weatherspoon Art Museum Auditorium on Saturday, November 12 from 2:004:00 pm.  The event is free and open to the public.

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