Public Art piece ‘Grounded Here’ dedicated on May 23

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Ground Here neighborhood art bench was dedicated in its new home at the newly finished The Salvation Army Royce and Jane Reynolds Center for Worship and Service and Boys & Girls Club on Tuesday, May 23. The Salvation Army has operated in Greensboro since 1904. They have had several different locations, though never further than a mile or so from downtown Greensboro. In September 2016, they located their Worship Center and Boys & Girls Club in the new facility adjacent to the Southeastern Greenway located just south of the Downtown Greenway.  The connection with the Warnersville Neighborhood and the Downtown Greenway is enhanced with the addition of Grounded Here to the Salvation Army’s campus.

Grounded Here is located at the Salvation Army & Boys Club located at 1001 Freeman Mill Road at in the grassy area to the side of the building near the Southeastern Greenway. We hope you will stop by and see the artwork in it’s new location. Click here to read remarks from the dedication by Barbara Peck, Downtown Greenway Public Art Consultant.


Nick Johnson, local stonemason, Juan Logan, artist of Grounded Here, and James Griffin, Warnersville Resident and Member of the Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club Board



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