2020 NC BikeWalk Summit: Greensboro Greenways

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Dabney Sanders, Downtown Greenway Project Manager and Bob Powell, Neighborhood Consultant, talk about Greensboro Greenways at the 2020 NC BikeWalk Virtual Summit

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The Downtown Greenway, a collaborative project of the City of Greensboro and Action Greensboro, is a partially completed four-mile walking and biking trail that is encouraging economic development, increasing the tax base for the city, and improving quality of life for its citizens. This urban loop around the center city of downtown Greensboro is a green space that promotes fitness, connectedness and well-being for residents and visitors. It is re-purposing a former railroad line and a partially built highway. The lovely public art along the Greenway tells stories and engages users of the trail in a unique and authentic way. With connections to existing and planned trails systems, this loop is the hub of the system, and connects residents from all parts of the community. This presentation outlines how this project was funded through a public private partnership, and shows the role that public art can play in telling community stories. You will see not only the stunning art but the work that was done to engage and include the historically black neighborhoods that the Downtown Greenway passes through in the planning process.

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