The McLendons

John McClendon: Good morning. I’m John McClendon. I live in Fisher Park, a historic

neighborhood on the north side of downtown Greensboro. This is my

wife Connie. We live about a block from the route of the planned

downtown greenway. The greenway is something we’re really looking

forward to. In fact, all of our neighbors are looking forward to this. It’s

going to be a great facility to connect our neighborhood with about a

dozen other neighborhoods in the downtown area.

A central feature of the greenway is going to be a paved path for bicyclists and

pedestrians. It’s really going to be a great place for people to meet and

connect and exercise, to get to know each other. To me the greenway

will really bring a new sense of community to downtown and to the

entire Greensboro community.

Connie McClendo: The whole possibility of being out on the greenway one day and running

into neighbors and just coming together as a community. I think that we

really pulled away from that but perhaps with how everything’s been

going with the economy lately people are pulling together a little closer.

This is going to be one of those things that’s going to bring us all