Sakhet McConnell

My name is Sakhet McConnell and this is my 9 year old son Rakhem Lynch-Wade (with another volunteer gardener Jerry Leimenstoll). My husband and I moved to Greensboro from Washington, D.C., in 2010 because we wanted to live and raise our three children in a slower-paced environment.

A friend of mine, Nadirah Goldsmith, told me about the volunteer opportunity with the permaculture garden at Meeting Place (the Tradition Cornerstone) after I was working on my own flower and vegetable garden. She suggested that I volunteer to meet people who are experts with more gardening experience. So we came to help with the community project, and also gain hands-on gardening skills.

The Downtown Greenway represents an exciting step for both the beautification of Greensboro and a successful work-in-progress. This work is an investment in the future of our neighborhoods and our community, and I want my family to contribute to this success.

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