Brian Heagney

Brian Heagney: The downtown greenway is going to be a new integrating force for

Greensboro in the form of circular and linear parks. It will be a park that

basically circles downtown Greensboro that we can use for leisure

activities or transportation activities.

I wanted to walk to the farmer’s market on Saturday morning. When we were looking

where we should move next, any of the surrounding communities here

were on my radar. When the greenway becomes a reality I won’t have a

block in my mind that’s stopping me from heading to the next

neighborhood over because I’d have to get into my car. With the

greenway I could literally walk there in a beautiful landscape.

It will unite us. It will make us feel closer but it will also bring us together. You’ll see

when you walk or when you ride your bike or skateboard or rollerblade

within this environment, within your community, within your downtown.

From point a to point b you’ll become more aware that everything is

connected. Your home is connected to the downtown and you’ll want to

make every part of your life that much more sustainable for your

daughter or your granddaughters.