Bob Cone

My name is Bob Cone. I live downtown. I’m a lawyer and my office is in the Lincoln Financial Building. I love Greensboro. My family has had a 100 year love affair with Greensboro and I think this new greenway is just one of the greatest projects anyone has ever envisioned anywhere.

Well, the greenway, it is unique in that it ties all segments of the cities together and provides these recreational opportunities no matter what one station in life is.

One reason my family wanted to get together and make a gift to the greenway was because my late father was a great outdoorsman and nothing encourages people to be outdoors like greenway does and its just a magnificent facility for everyone in the city.

I love the arts. My wife, Sally, especially is very learned in arts and the paintings and the sculptures are very beautiful and they truly reflect Greensboro.

We’ve used local artists and it’s a great showcase for artists and it’s just going to tie us together in many ways and introduce outdoor beauty and art to all segments of Greensboro.

I think the greenway has just contributed immeasurably to what what we have and will continue to do so for many decades to come.

It will find its own uses. People will use it for things that we’re not even aware of in the future just because it’s so beautiful and it’s just a magnet that draws people.