2013 Downtown Greenway Recap

  • The Tradition Cornerstone under construction at the corner of Smith and Prescott Streets.
  • 100% design for Phase 2E/3A/3C is complete.  This section runs from Fisher and Greene Streets west to North Eugene and then south along Eugene to Smith.  It then continues from Smith and Spring Streets along the south side of Smith to Prescott.  Submission of the plans to NCDOT and right-of-way acquisition is underway with construction expected to begin during the first quarter of 2014.
  • 25% plans for Bragg Street between Elm and Arlington are presented, work continues with the South Elm Development Group to coordinate design in that area.
  • 50% design of Phase 2 (Murrow Boulevard and Lee Street north to Fisher Avenue and Greene Street) are complete and public meetings held April 10 & April 11 for review.
  • Harries + Heder Collaborative present their final design for Meeting Place at two public meetings April 10 and April 11.  The design is accepted.
  • Phase 3B (Smith Street between North Eugene and Spring Streets) has been completed.  There are two standard benches and eco-gardens along this phase.  Eco-Gardens are innovative stormwater treatment facilitiesthe first roadside facilities like this in Greensboro.
  • Harries + Heder Collaborative present their preliminary proposal for Meeting Place on February 27 to the Downtown Greenway Public Art Selection Panel.
  • Harries + Heder Collaborative, who were selected to design the Tradition Cornerstone (corner of Smith/Prescott/railroad tracks), visited Greensboro in January to gather ideas for their design.  Public meetings were held and connections made with local historians, artists, and community members.